Amendments & Seeds

Bulk Barks

Cedar Mulch

A clean, screened wood chip material ideal for use as a ground cover or mulch. Commonly used in flower beds, medians, and freeway projects. This material is perfect in windy locations.

Gorilla Hair

A fibrous, stringy, dark red-colored product unique in texture and color. This material works great in a general mulch application, especially in windy areas or sloping terrain.

Walk on Bark

A fibrous material containing some granular bark and Cambium wood. This economical material is ideal for pathways and other areas that experience foot traffic, as well provides a pleasant forest fragrance.

Bulk Soils

50/50 Mix

50/50 Mix is used to replace or improve poor native soil, raise existing soil level, fill a new planting bed, or fill behind a retaining wall.

Organic Compost

Use it to amend native soil, add nutrients and organic matter, improve texture, add beneficial bacteria, and stimulate plant growth. Also great as a Topper before planting grass seed or sod.

Superior Compost

Compost with a slightly coarser texture when compared to our Organic Compost. Use it to create a lighter soil for easier planting in a custom mix, for vegetable bins, or in flower beds.


E. B. Stone

A superb group of pure organic soils and soil amendments. Custom formulated organic plant food targeted for families of plants and very friendly to the environment…
PDF details coming soon. In the meantime, call or visit one of our stores for more info.


Kellogg is committed to making sure every soil, fertilizer and planting mix product in both the Kellogg Garden Organics and G&B Organics brands complies 100% with the USDA’s National Organic Program standards.

Sequoia Horticultural Products

Sequoia is a wholesale supplier of horticultural products, including decorative bark, wood chips, sawdust, soil amendments, and planting mixes. All of their bark and wood products are organic, renewable byproducts of trees harvested responsibly.

Grass & Seeds


Well suited to Southern California soils and climates, Marathon offers a desirable green look year-round. Thanks to a remarkably extensive root system – up to five times deeper than bluegrass — Marathon Sod uses less water and tolerates high heat.

S&S Seeds

Soil amendments are to make improvements to the soil to increase the success of your project. From fast acting to slow release, S&S Seeds design an amendment prescription for your project needs.